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Twelve Ukrainian students have joined a Haberdasher school, or will do so at the start of the new academic year. With support ranging from uniforms to tuition fees, the Haberdasher family has stepped up to meet the needs of these young Ukrainians at this extremely challenging time. 

Haberdashers’ Academies Trust South, Haberdashers’ Adams, Haberdashers’ Monmouth and Haberdashers’ Boys and Girls schools at Elstree have all extended a warm welcome to twelve Ukrainian students. Ten of the students have joined secondary schools and two are in a primary. Schools have delivered induction... Read More

Last year our Haberdasher Members raised an incredible £114,000 through the Covid-19 Recovery Appeal, beating the target of £100,000.  

As much as some progress is being made to transition out of the pandemic, we are all aware of the immense challenges that continue to confront pupils and staff at this time. This fund is being shared between Haberdashers’ Academies Trust South and Haberdashers’ Abraham Darby. 

Haberdashers’ Academies’ Trust South’s CEO, Jan Shadick, says, ‘Thank you. Your giving has enabled us to provide for our most vulnerable... Read More

Matching Haberdasher Scholars with a Haberdasher Mentor could offer a transformational opportunity for students. Haberdasher Apprentice, and winner of the Haberdashers' Company Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, Lisa Davies, with her Mentor, Haberdasher Liveryman Andrew Tarpey


In between my university studies and working life I secured some work experience at a large charity. After a week of shadowing one of the managers, having been involved in a wide variety of activities, I tried to express something of my gratitude to her... Read More

The extraordinary 150-year history of the Royal School of Needlework is being celebrated with an exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. It is a stunning display of history and artefacts; a vivid look back at their past, and a colourful look into their future.

Applique Panel by RSN Embroidery Studio ©RSN


Between April-September 2022 Haberdashers have the chance to see up close the range and depth of embroidery that the Royal School of Needlework has been creating for the... Read More

The very first official ceremonial garment for High Sheriffs of Greater London has been designed and created in collaboration with London College of Fashion (LCF), UAL, Making for Change and Fine Cell Work. It will be worn for the first time by the new Lady High Sheriff of Greater London, Heather Phillips, when she is installed today, 28 April. The symbolic cloak is intended to be be passed on to all future women to hold the position of High Sheriff of Greater London for the next 100 years.

The High Sheriff of Greater London (HSGL) has, until now, had no official costume. The post... Read More

On 24 March 2022, the Golden Lecture was given at St Bartholomew the Less. The Right Rev'd Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, lectured on The Master's 'Tall Order' - Understanding our Neighbours in the Centenary Years. Origin of the Golden Lecture

William Jones was one of the Company’s earliest and most generous benefactors. He bequeathed money to the Company in 1614 for a school in Monmouth and for almshouses in both Monmouth and Newland. He also... Read More

Construction Youth Trust is one of the company’s Major Grant holders, receiving an award of £50,000 in 2021. They use a relationship model to work closely with young people from some of the least advantaged parts of London, creating success by helping put them on the path to careers in construction. 


On arrival at the offices of Construction Youth Trust I met two of their programme workers. At that moment I knew that the Company had made a wise decision to support this charity: the spark,... Read More

As one of 2021 Small Grant awardees, charity Blind in Business used their £2,000 grant to help support young Londoners gain employability skills and enter the workplace.


Blind in Business was able to support 28 blind people into jobs over the course of their award’s term. 

The charity delivered career planning sessions and helped young people develop skills suitable for the workplace. The participants were also given mock interviews, all of which helped develop the young people’s... Read More

Hatcham College old girl, Heather Joseph-Dublin, is now a senior teacher at Hatcham Temple Grove primary school. The Company made a contribution towards Heather’s Master’s degree in Identity, Culture and Language; here is the story of her studies.


We all have our own unique notion of identity, culture and language. Our life experiences all contribute to who we are, and the people we hope to become.

Heather Joseph-Dublin, former pupil at Hatcham College, wanted to explore this... Read More

In an article from The Times in October this year justice secretary Dominic Raab stated that companies should hire from the “captive audience” of 45,000 working-age offenders set free every year.


“Some of these people are highly gifted, they just got on the wrong track” Simon Lawson, Lawsons Builders


This way of thinking chimes with the No Going Back project that the Company has been instrumental in setting up, along with a number of other Livery... Read More