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No Going Back - a Livery Companies collaboration supporting the rehabiliation of offenders.

The Haberdashers' Company, as trustee of the Haberdashers' Benevolent Foundation, is proud to be the lead funder of 'No Going Back'  - a  Livery Companies Initiative supporting the rehabilitation of offenders through funding and job offers.

To date, sixteen Livery Companies have come together to support this pilot project, which will begin in July 2020.

The unique programme is facilitated by Bounce Back, who are dedicated to this initiative and are an organisation with extensive experience in this arena. They will specifically prepare people in prison for job opportunities that are offered by members of the Livery Companies – either in companies they own or are employed by or other companies they are concerned or involved with.

Adopting a tailored approach, a team of Bounce Back engagement managers will work with both the employers who are introduced through the Livery Companies and the potential candidates to match their skills and talents to the job descriptions on offer. Employers are then invited to prisons to meet suitable candidates and engage with them as they prepare for employment and life outside.

On release, the Bounce Back team remain dedicated in their support to ensure the passage into employment is as seamless as possible for all parties.

Whilst the focus of this programme is on jobs in the Built Environment, that in itself encompasses a wide variety of opportunities from HGV driving, construction and facilities management to site supervision, administration, engineering and other roles. Most importantly the project is aimed specifically to meet the skills needs of employers.

The availability of accommodation through partnerships with housing associations is an important aspect of this programme, removing a vital barrier to employment for those released with a job but nowhere to live.

Above all it is a programme that embraces partnerships between Livery Company employers and organisations in the justice sector, bringing them together to support individuals into employment.

Haberdasher members - if you would like to get involved with this initiative, please see the 'Charities - Getting Involved' tab within the Members section of the website.