The Golden Lecture

Origin of the Golden Lecture


William Jones was one of the Company’s earliest and most generous benefactors. He bequeathed money to the Company in 1614 for a school in Monmouth and for almshouses in both Monmouth and Newland. He also bequeathed money for the appointment of preachers to spread the Gospel. This latter bequest evolved to become the annual Golden Lecture.  It is not known why it gained this epithet but one possibility is that the stipend that accompanied the appointment some centuries ago was seen to be rather generous for preaching just one sermon. Sadly this is no longer the case but the Company makes a donation of £500 to a charity of the Lecturer’s choice to thank them for giving the Lecture.


As for William Jones, more than 400 years later his school now educates almost 1400 boys and girls in Monmouth and is recognised as one of the best schools in Wales. The Monmouth almshouses, now managed by Bristol Charities, provide 25 warm and secure homes for elderly people.






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