The Golden Lecture

Origin of the Golden Lecture


The Golden Lecture is held annually and in 2023 will be hosted by St Bartholomew the Less church, located across the road from the Haberdashers’ Hall. The speaker will be confirmed in due course.  


The origins of the Lecture come from a generous donation made by one of the Company’s earliest and most generous benefactors, William Jones. Jones made his gift over 400 years ago, and yet his legacy continues to make an impact in the 21st century.

Jones also wished for his bequest to be used in the appointment of preachers to spread the Gospel, and this request has evolved to become what we now know as the Golden Lecture.

It is unclear why it gained this epithet. One possibility is that the stipend that once accompanied the appointment was seen to be rather generous for preaching just one sermon. Today the Haberdashers’ Company makes a gift of £500 to a charity of the Lecturer’s choice.





2022 The Right Revd Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross

The Master's 'Tall Order' - Understanding our Neighbours in the Centenary Years



The Revd Dr Robert Reiss Death Where is Your Sting  
2020 The Rt Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin

cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic


The Rt Revd and Rt Hon Dame Sarah Mullally DBE

Seeking the welfare of the City: The Role of the Church in turbulent times. 


The Revd Alan Gyle

Self-awareness, self-absorption and the Common Good: the challenge of the individual in the 21st century   


The Right Revd Peter Maurice

Doubt - A True Mark of Faith