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The Music Department at The Haberdashers' Aske's School for Boys has made this stunning recording to celebrate the election of Habs Old Boy Daniel Hochberg as Master. Daniel was Head Boy at the school, where he played the harpsichord, piano and organ, and subsequently became Chairman of the Board of Governors. Many congratulations, Daniel, and many, many thanks to all involved at the school.


On 19th November 2020 the Company’s new Master and Wardens were elected for the forthcoming year.

They are:

  The Master Daniel Hochberg

Daniel became a Haberdasher fifty years ago in February 1970 when he passed the entrance exam for the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Elstree.  His parents were both schoolteachers. He greatly enjoyed his school career, which gave him opportunities to learn to play the organ and to get involved in debating... Read More


The Framework Knitters' Company is holding a Charity Blanket Auction from 9th to 22nd November. Their ‘Knit for Community’ initiative began as a result of lockdown earlier this year.   The response from over 400 volunteers across the UK has been fantastic, including residents of almshouses in Leicester and members or friends of 32 Livery Companies.  Over 12,000 squares have been donated and to date over 130 blankets and 30 lap blankets have been completed.   Charities in Leicester, Nottingham, Calderdale, Watford and London will benefit from this project and the Knitters have... Read More

This month sees the 80th anniversary of the destruction of Haberdashers' Hall during an air raid on the City of London: 29th December 1940.


Thankfully nobody was hurt, but it’s a sad story - the Hall had been standing on the corner of Staining Lane and Maiden Lane (now Gresham St) since 1667, after the first Hall burnt down in the Great Fire of London of 1666. Our Archivist Dr Bartle has unearthed the Acting Beadle’s report to the Court from our Archive. His words speak for themselves:... Read More

On Thursday 29th October, Professor Tracey Hill, author of Pageantry & Power, will be live-tweeting the pageant book of the 1620 mayoral show.

Her tweets will be accompanied by clips from the Map of Early Modern London to illustrate the route, with photos and videos of the various stages where pageantry was presented on the day. An actor will be reading the speeches. 

The Lord Mayor, Haberdasher Francis Jones, was something of a disreputable figure who found himself in financial trouble during his term of office and was sadly forced to flee the City... Read More

The Queen has appointed a Haberdasher Liveryman Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in this year's Birthday Honours.  


Vice-Admiral Sir Anthony Johnstone Burt KCVO CB OBE, Liveryman, has been Master of the Household since 2013, after a long and distinguished naval career. After joining the Royal Navy in 1977, he was promoted to Lieutenant in January 1982, having served on HMS Active during the Falklands War.

In 1983 he qualified as a... Read More

The Haberdashers' Company commissioned this portrait of our then Clerk, Jerome Knapp, in 1787 and it has hung in a Haberdashers' Hall ever since.


Knapp (1722-1792), was Clerk from 1754 until 1790, and the positive impact of his administrative work continues to be felt to this day in the Company’s support of charitable causes. While he was still Clerk, it was decided during a meeting of the Company’s Court of Assistants in 1786 to commission a portrait of... Read More

The Rt. Hon Lord Mayor of London Alderman William Russell, Liveryman of the Haberdashers' Company, has asked that his thanks be conveyed to all the Livery following his election for a second term of office at Common Hall yesterday. The understanding of the Livery, particularly in relation to the special arrangements this year, is very much appreciated. The Lord Mayor is grateful for the support he has received and he and the Lady Mayoress are looking forward to working closely with the Livery throughout his extended Mayoralty... Read More

One of our youngest Haberdasher Liverymen, Joanna Abeyie MBE,  recently provided diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias training to all staff at Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School. The school found the sessions 'hugely important and thought-provoking', and looks forward to welcoming her back soon.


Caramel Rock, a London-based fashion and creative arts training centre and registered charity, is pleased to announce its face mask production initiative. It aims to provide support to key workers by commissioning the production of face masks through the mobilisation of volunteers. As we know there are thousands of brave individuals who are at risk every day who may not have access to the protective clothing they require.


Caramel Rock, located in Newham, is dedicated to helping young people, especially those from... Read More