SAVE THE DATE: 29th October, Live-Tweeting Event to Commemorate 400th Anniversary of Lord Mayor's Show 1620, a Haberdasher Show

On Thursday 29th October, Professor Tracey Hill, author of Pageantry & Power, will be live-tweeting the pageant book of the 1620 mayoral show.

Her tweets will be accompanied by clips from the Map of Early Modern London to illustrate the route, with photos and videos of the various stages where pageantry was presented on the day. An actor will be reading the speeches. 

The Lord Mayor, Haberdasher Francis Jones, was something of a disreputable figure who found himself in financial trouble during his term of office and was sadly forced to flee the City before his term was up. Professor Hill will go into his story in more detail in her introductory tweets, as well as giving some background on the Haberdashers' Company. 

The Show will also include a song, which has almost certainly never been heard since, recorded by early music specialist Dr Jenni Hyde. It will be very special indeed to hear this song for the first time in 400 years.

The live event will start at 1000 and finish at 1500. The Haberdashers' Company will be retweeting it using the hashtag #LMS1620 and tagging other Great XII Companies, and our Archivist Dr David Bartle will be on hand to answer any questions. 

The cover of Professor Hill's book Model of the Haberdashers' Company's barge