Your chance to add value to the pan-Livery initiative No Going Back

In an article from The Times in October this year justice secretary Dominic Raab stated that companies should hire from the “captive audience” of 45,000 working-age offenders set free every year.


“Some of these people are highly gifted, they just got on the wrong track” Simon Lawson, Lawsons Builders


This way of thinking chimes with the No Going Back project that the Company has been instrumental in setting up, along with a number of other Livery Companies.

Raab says that companies suffering labour shortages should recruit ex-convicts just out of jail because they are “more motivated”, “reliable” and take fewer sick days than other workers.

No Going Back is a successful Livery Companies initiative to reduce re-offending through training, support, employment and ultimately, housing if needed. 

The Company provided a significant grant as seed funding to help establish the project, but its needs are greater than just funding. Each company’s members are invited to help with volunteering as well as jobs through their networks. 



Giving your time to work with participants on their journey from prison into employment is so important to them and rewarding for you. There are numerous opportunities for volunteers to get involved in so many ways from mentoring, CV writing to training and beyond. 

If you have a skill or passion that you think would help someone, we can match individual skills and the time you can give with the need.



People leaving prison are an untapped labour force and getting a job on release reduces the likelihood of them re-offending by 50%. 

The No Going Back team work with the participants on the programme to match their skills to jobs on offer. They’re helped to ensure that they receive the right qualifications and training to be as prepared as possible for work. The team fully supports the candidate and the employer throughout the process to give confidence to both, and ensures it is as seamless a process as possible.

We prepare people for work in a range of industries including roles in the built environment, HGV driving, cleaning, warehouse, catering and beyond. If you or an organisation you know have jobs for someone who has left prison, please get in touch.

The Company wishes to create greater impact for No Going Back than just funding. With a wealth of professions represented across the membership the Company hopes we can bring our professional expertise to this transformational project. 

To discuss how you might get involved with this work of No Going Back contact Susan, our Director for Charities, on or 020 7246 9985.