Watch: What exactly are Livery Companies?

The Hall

The Haberdashers' Company has collaborated with historian Peter Stone, of The History Of London YouTube channel, on a new video project titled The History of Livery Companies.

The oldest livery companies of the City of London were first established long ago in medieval times. Many of them, in existence for as much as 700 years, continue to influence modern life in London through their philanthropic endeavours, including of course, The Haberdashers' Company.

We were delighted to be approached by Mr Stone for his latest video project, which not only explores how livery companies first came into existance, but also deep dives into the particular history of The Haberdashers' Company through the expert tutorage of our Archivist and member of the Freedom, Dr David Bartle. 

In this video we also get to hear from other members of Haberdasher staff about the work of the organisation today, particularly our work in education and lifelong learning. 

The project has been extremely popular, wracking up more than 2k views in its first month after going live, and also getting picked up and shared by The Livery Committee.