A visit to Haberdashers' Hall: Y7 Elstree Boys Blog

“Today we had an amazing day at HABS hall and learning about the history of our school. We all worked together in various activities and learnt one very important value: trust. A phrase that was said quite a few times was ‘Once a Haberdasher, always a Haberdasher’ This meant that we were all part of the Habs community and make up a brilliant society. We saw our different benefactors, the one that founded our school being Robert Aske.

We walked across the street to St. Bartholomew’s Church, and learnt about how it was back in medieval times and even did a drama scene on it with swords. Apparently, a gravedigger and tour guide who died at the church is still seen walking along the corridors…

Furthermore, we did a sewing activity where we sewed together a red strip of felt onto some white felt, and attached a golden button to it. It was intriguing knowing that this community dates back almost 900 years.

The Loving Cup activity was when we each took it in turns to either guard the person who was drinking from it, or lift the lid with their hand that they would hold a sword in, showing that they would not stab them whilst they sipped.

I very much enjoyed looking in the building for different dates and certain events, as part of the quickest time to get all of the answers competition. It was incredible seeing all the artefacts and important objects on display, and appreciating our Haberdashers’ legacy.”

Ryan, Year 7, Haberdashers' Elstree Boys