St Peters, Chertsey Sends Series of Aid Packages to Ukraine

The last few days have seen a remarkable response from the town of Chertsey to the appeal for aid to Ukraine.


By partnering with an organisation which has a close link with Ukranian military, they have manged to get aid to the front line. So far they have sent three loads. Further vans are taking aid to refugee camps in Poland. The Church has funded the fuel for return journeys of five vehicles taking aid from this town.

Rev'd Tim Hillier, Freeman, says, "As Vicar of Chertsey, I am dismayed that the UK Government is putting paper and administration before people. Our government is failing the people of Ukraine. They require visas for refugees! The EU welcomes refugees - full stop. They are in need. I encourage the town of Chertsey to contact our Member of Parliament, Dr. Ben Spencer to express our (and his) dismay at the current state of affairs on behalf of his constituency. As of today, the government is failing. Words without content. As many refugees arrive in Calais for instance, only nine refugees tonight have been processed and are being sent back to our Paris embassy with a range of documents. Every other EU country has an open door. Please write to Ben Spencer at the House of Commons or email: Currrently our government is failing to show basic humanitarian concern."