South East London Citizens Community Health Assembly

Over the past two years, King's has worked in partnership with The Haberdashers’ Company, Citizens UK on South London Listens, a collaboration between NHS trusts and integrated care boards to bring the local community voice into designing and delivering mental health support.

Their Social Mobility & Widening Participation department has helped set up a series of Be Well Hubs in Haberdashers south London schools to help tackle the cause of mental ill-health, promote access to mental health services and support people in the community.

In November they also hosted South East London Citizens Community Health Assembly, bringing together local people to take action on health inequalities and co-create plans to improve health and wellbeing across South East London.


The assembly offered a chance to demonstrate and understand how:

  • Communities have power over the decisions that impact them.
  • NHS organisations and local authorities are listening to communities and developing solutions together alongside strategic partners and allies.
  • Communities are tackling the injustices that diminish health and wellbeing.


Who attended:

  • Hundreds of community leaders from South London Citizens, member institutions and Be Well Hubs
  • The South East London Integrated care system
  • The leadership of local NHS organisations
  • The Anchor Alliance
  • Key decision makers from Local Authorities across South East London


What was on the agenda:

  • Guests heard about the progress that has been made so far
  • They learnt about the 'Going Deeper' listening campaign, exploring new issues that have emerged and existing areas that still need attention
  • They heard about the Anchor Alliance's goals for a healthier and fairer South East Londo
  • The networked with key community leaders and decision-makers in your area.
  • They celebrated how commitments made at the South London Listens Accountability Assembly on 10 October 2022 have turned into concrete action to tackle the causes of mental ill-health across South London