Pan-Livery initiative No Going Back has a ‘successful start’ in the first sixth months of the project

Despite prison lock-downs, lack of face-to-face support and the pandemic’s effect on the employment market, No Going Back has made a ‘successful start’, according to the interim evaluation. 


The No Going Back programme underwent a significant re-design to adapt to the demands of delivering a remote service. Both participants and staff provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on the quality and range of help provided. 

The Haberdashers’ Company awarded the scheme a £100,000 grant to help people leaving prison find and stay in work. Alongside training and intensive support, an accommodation offer is being tested for those who do not have a suitable place to live. 

To date 241 people have signed up to the scheme, with 69 having been allocated a caseworker and receiving training. 15 are now in employment. 

One person said ‘They have supported me with everything I have needed from when I have come out of prison and still do’. Another commented that ‘the staff have been great. Without their help coming out of prison would have been a lot harder.

“Without their help coming out of prison would have been a lot harder”

While the pandemic has created considerable challenges for the project, participants have developed their digital skills to maximise their chances in the job market. If there is a steady supply of job opportunities there is great hope that the project will continue to be a success.