Haberdasher Scholar Graduates with First in Journalism

'Being a part of the first cohort attending Crayford Academy in 2010, the main school building was yet to be built and our classrooms were set up in temporary buildings on the primary school field. On top of this, we remained the eldest pupils as we moved up through the school which certainly put us in a rare position and meant that our year group grew up with the school in a unique way. 

From my time at Haberdashers I was given countless exciting opportunities which helped me to develop my skills and experience, preparing me for later life. One of which is the Haberdashers’ Scholarship I was awarded for going to university which was incredibly helpful and made everything so much more accessible for me living away from home. If I had not been given the scholarship, I would have struggled with balancing my academic life and social life in terms of expenses and would not have been able to experience university to the fullest. It enabled me to buy all the necessary books and equipment for my course without struggling to make ends meet, which definitely took a weight off my shoulders. Furthermore, the scholars’ reception held by the Haberdashers each year has become a fantastic occasion for me to speak with other pupils who have also benefitted from the scholarship fund and make connections with different Haberdashers whom I have not encountered before.

I always knew I wanted to go off to university, to “spread my wings” as they say, and after much deliberation, I decided on a Journalism degree. Once I viewed Cardiff University, I knew it was going to be my first choice as I loved the city and the course. One of the things I found incredibly daunting before I came to university was the idea of sharing a flat with seven strangers in student accommodation. But after spending so much time with them, they have become some of my best friends and I continued living with them through all three years; they truly made my university experience so much better. My course was mainly theory-based but it allowed me to enhance my understanding of all aspects of Journalism and Communications, including the inner workings of public relations. With the chance to pick my own modules from second year onwards, I began tailoring my degree to my personal interests which focused on public relations, communications, and war journalism. Despite struggling with the jump from A levels to university in the beginning, I have thrived academically and have completed three incredible years at Cardiff, coming away with First Class Honours. 

Now leaving Cardiff with an excellent degree under my belt, I am seeking my first graduate job in public relations, communications, or marketing. I am hopeful that after a long time investing in my education, my first graduate role will kickstart my career in these industries. I am looking forward to what the future holds for me and what will hopefully be a long and prosperous career.'


Lucy Pritchard
Haberdasher Scholar