Haberdasher Members Raise Nearly £60,000 for Charities Since Start of Lockdown

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Haberdasher Master Caroline Davis and Immediate Past Master James Kininmonth devised an initiative whereby £30,000 of the Haberdashers' Benevolent Fund would be available to match amounts raised by individual Haberdasher members to support charities of their choice between March 23rd and June 1st.


The charities had to meet certain simple criteria, as well as being within part of  the Company's charitable focus areas:

  • Helping the unemployed, the homeless, ex-offenders or those at risk of offending

  • Helping excluded, disadvantaged or ‘at risk’ youth

  • Supporting the elderly, disabled or chronically sick and their carers

  • Helping the personal development or education of young people

After the deadline, the Master and Liz Prescott, Director of Charities, were enouraged to see that a total of 65 Members had donated to 38 different charities. Over £27,000 had been given, so the Haberdashers’ Benevolent Fund would be matching over £25,000. On top of this the majority of the original donations were eligible for Gift Aid, so charities around the country received a total of about £59,000.