The Haberdasher Livery Academy Awards

We have a new Haberdasher team ready to represent the Company at Mansion House for the Livery Academy Awards! Last night teams from Crayford, Hatcham, Knights and Abraham Darby competed for this honour with exceptionally strong presentations that all offered commercially viable and sustainable business initiatives.

The winning team with their mentors Liverymen Anya Navidski and Piers Bostock (at either end of the photo), Fourth Warden James Penney and Haberdashers' Abraham Darby Principal Lee Hadley


No one envied the judges, Simon Cartmell OBE, Assistant, Liveryman Gerry Williams, Liveryman Adrian Walcott and Freeman Faith Johnson, the task of choosing between: ecological clothing designed by young people for young people, an intelligent bin that reads barcodes to correctly categorise, compact and recycle waste, an online subscription service for eco products and, the eventual winner, GenerousGym. (More information about GenerousGym would be commercially sensitive at this time). The ethical conviction, grasp of their subject and willingness to learn shone out of the Year 12 students taking part and the (slightly older) adult audience were awed by the energy and potential of this new generation. We are all very proud of Abraham Darby for winning and are now mobilising Habs resources to support the team, their teacher Emmanuel Gyan-Bediako and the team mentors, Liverymen Piers Bostock and Anya Navidski, to the next stage at Mansion House.

The judges, left to right: Freeman Faith Johnson, Liveryman Gerry Williams, the Immediate Past Master Daniel Hochberg, Simon Cartmell, Assistant and Liveryman Adrian Walcott


`Haberdashers' Hatcham College with mentors Freeman Oliver Norgrove and Liveryman Alice Scholes


Haberdashers' Knights Academy


Haberdashers' Crayford Academy


All our participating Haberdasher students