Cost of living uplift grants from the Company ‘an extraordinary gesture’

Many charities are facing a significant and unprecedented increase in costs, relating to staffing, utilities, operations and service delivery. The Haberdashers’ Company agreed to provide ‘uplift’ grants to help its charities at this challenging time.


The chair of the Charity Commission, Orlando Fraser, said many charities ‘face an existential crisis’ as a result of the cost of living crisis. Demand for services has soared, but for many donations are down.

The Haberdashers’ Charities Committee resolved to make a small financial commitment to its current Small and Major grant holders, in response to the crisis and in recognition of the pressure each charity is under.

An uplift of 20% of their grant was awarded to all Small Grant holders (eighteen in total), and 10% to each Major Grant holder (three charities).

Each Haberdasher church patronage was also awarded an uplift grant of £1,000 to help with utilities and operational costs.

Here are some of the responses:

What an extraordinary gesture on the part of The Haberdashers' Company. Indeed, it's more than a gesture; it's an incredibly considerate and solicitous decision, to uplift your charity recipients, in light of unprecedented financial challenges in the sector.

I'm not aware of any other organisation who has decided to take this thoughtful step, and we are both hugely admiring of and grateful for it.

It’s incredible of the Company to consider the challenges of the current cost of living crisis especially for small charities.

Honestly, this was such a lovely surprise for the week. A massive thanks to you and your team for the uplift in grant. It will go a long way I can assure you, especially at this present time.

This is absolutely brilliant news - thank you so much for the Trustees’ foresight in this.

Thank you so much to you and the Committee. Haberdashers are great! :)

Small Grant holders are: Alternatives to Violence, Chapter (West Cheshire), Irish Community Services, Time & Talents, London Bubble Theatre, Dot Collective, Team Up, Southwark Pensioners Centre, Adult Literacy Trust, Free to be Kids, The Somerville, Lewisham Local, Lewisham Youth Theatre, Telegraph Hill PlayClub, Shropshire Youth Support Trust, Young Leicestershire, Street Storage and Ben Kinsella.

Major Grant holders are: Construction Youth Trust, EY Foundation and XLP.

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