The Company invests in the future of textiles and fashion

Since the late 1990s the Company has worked in collaboration with the Royal College of Art. Our contribution to their scholarship programme ensures that talented voices from all backgrounds contribute to the world of textiles. 

The Company currently provides scholarships for two students studying for their MA in Textiles. Not only does this allow these talented individuals to further their career in textiles, it also allows the Company the chance to closely align itself with our ancient art.

Ryan Hughes (who you may remember from the September 2020 Haberdashers’ magazine) has now completed his Masters, and Fiona Betsy Faumina has just finished the first year of her MA.

Without the support of the Company neither Ryan nor Fiona Betsy would have been able to accept the offer of a place to study at the RCA.

Ryan and Fiona Betsy had to adapt quickly to the challenges set by the Covid-19 pandemic. Lectures, seminars and one-to-one tutorials were all delivered online. Ryan’s final year project was sparked by the pandemic, and says ‘my work raises questions rather than answers them’. He explores his own identity and Scottish culture through his pieces.

Ryan now dreams of putting into practice all he has learned over the past two years in an industry setting and is grateful to the Haberdashers’ for their support in making this possible.

Fiona Betsy is using the opportunities that the MA presents to fulfil her potential. She seeks to ‘push the boundaries of my practice and find my place as a textile practitioner in the world’.

Fiona Betsy says, ‘I don’t know how it would otherwise be financially possible for me [to study at RCA] and I feel as though someone believes in me. I am unbelievably grateful for this opportunity’.

Thanks to Lettie Kennedy, Liveryman, for her role as RCA Company Contact. For more details about this scholarship or the other ways in which the Company supports the fashion and textiles industries contact Director for Charities, Susan Barry, on

Above: samples of Ryan's work


Above: samples of Fiona Betsy's work