The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment

The Company became affiliated with The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment to maintain the links with the City of London, established by the Buffs, one of the Regiment's forebears. The Regiment's origin can be traced back to 1572 when 3,000 men of the Trained Bands of London paraded before Queen Elizabeth I at Greenwich, 300 of whom volunteered to go to the aid of the Dutch in their revolt against Spain.

Tracing its lineage to 12 historic Regiments from across Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Middlesex and Hampshire, who earned over 90 battle honours over the centuries throughout Western and Eastern Europe, China, South Africa, India, the East and West Indies and Russia, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment was formed in September 1992.

The Regiment, or the "Tigers" as they are known (a nickname earned after 21 years’ service in India, ending in 1826) is made up of two Regular battalions, currently based in Woolwich and Paderborn and a third, Territorial Army battalion which has its Headquarters in Canterbury and companies across South East England

Since its formation in 1992, soldiers of the Regiment have seen operations in Albania, the Congo, Zaire, the Falkland Islands, Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Iraq and most recently in Afghanistan.  One of the most decorated Regiments in the Army today, they are proud to number Johnson Beharry VC, one of only two serving holders of the Victoria Cross, amongst their number.