Monmouth Schools

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In 1613 William Jones, a prominent merchant and Haberdasher, gave the Company £6,000 and bequeathed a further £3,000 to be expended on charitable works and the founding of a school in Monmouth. Monmouth School was originally a grammar school for boys. It was rebuilt in 1865 and as a result of rising revenues from investments, the original foundation was re-organised in 1891 to support a new girls school and an elementary school in the town, as well as a boys grammar school in Pontypool and an Agricultural College. 

The elementary school was transferred to County Council control in 1940 with West Monmouth School at Pontypool and the Agricultural Colleage following in 1955. This left the William Jones’s Schools Foundation responsible for Monmouth School and Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls which acquired Direct Grant status in 1946. The schools became independent and fee-paying in 1976. With some 680 pupils at the boys' school and 590 at the girls' school, the two schools offer  boarding and day places as well as preparatory departments in a single sex environment. However to enable the widest possible range of A and AS level subjects to be taken there is some combined teaching in the Sixth Form. Joint extra-curricular activities include the CCF, foreign expeditions, music and drama. As well as high academic achievements the schools regularly produce sportsmen and women who represent their country at international level as well as top class musicians. A rolling programme of rebuilding, refurbishment and enhancement of facilities ensures that the schools continue to provide the very best that current educational requirements dictate.


Monmouth School for Boys

The school offers a challenging education to any boy who has the ability to benefit from it and attracts a broad range of pupils with diverse talents and an appetite for education, with every lesson and activity a fresh opportunity to awaken interest and develop understanding. The preparatory department, Monmouth School Boys' Prep, has its own purpose built building, while also benefitting from access to the sports, music and drama facilities of the senior school, and offers friendliness and close pastoral care. Sport, music, drama and a host of other activities contribute to daily life at this boys' school which nurtures a close and dynamic relationship with its sister school, Monmouth School for Girls, nearby.


Monmouth School for Girls

A school of outstanding opportunity, girls here excel academically in a friendly, caring environment, meeting exciting new challenges in sport, music, drama and other extra-curricular activities. There is a sense of confidence, vibrancy and purpose as well as evidence of the enjoyment each school day brings to the girls whose keen sense of fun underlies their determination to do well. Community involvement helps to provide a complete education, including the development of social skills and consideration for others. Monmouth School Girls' Prep, located within the school grounds, provides an excellent foundation for secondary education.


Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep and Nursery

This co-educational pre-preparatory school became part of the Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools in 1998 and caters for children aged 3-7, encouraging and adding to the basics of knowledge imparted to them by their own families. In addition to the 100 full-time pupils the school runs nursery classes where the youngest can attend school for just a couple of hours several days a week. In a reassuring and friendly environment, a sense of purpose and delight in learning envelops this school, which provides the all important foundation years for a lifetime of learning.