Grant Applications


The Haberdashers’ Company was founded in the 14th Century and is one of the `Great Twelve’ Livery Companies of the City of London. Over the years the emphasis of the Company’s activity has changed from the control of the trade of haberdashery in the City of London to administering the charitable foundations established through donations and bequests made by members of the Company.

Through the Company’s four main grant-making foundations 306 grants and donations totalling £989,227 were made in the year to June 2018. Support was also provided for the Company’s schools, parishes and affiliations.

Grants and donations in the year to 30 June 2018 were distributed as follows:

Education and training  63%
Welfare 32%
Christianity and the Church 3%

Support for Individuals


Grants from the Haberdashers’ Education Foundation are only available for pupils or former pupils of Haberdasher Schools.

Assistance from the Haberdashers’ Benevolent Foundation is only available to Freemen of the Company, their widows or children, who are in need, hardship or distress and who are resident in the UK.


For further information please contact your school (or former school) if you are a pupil or former pupil of a Haberdasher School, or contact 

Support for charitable organisations

Most grants are 'one-off' in nature, with no commitment for future support. The majority of grants are small grants of up to £2,000. Requests for small grants should not normally be repeated until at least three years after the last request.

Large grants (over £2,000) are normally more proactively arranged by the Company and are considered by the Charities Committee at its four meetings each year (normally in January, April, July and October). Due to a planned review of our large grants programme we are not inviting applications for large grants at this time.

Geographic eligibility:

Grants can only be made to UK Registered charities, working in the UK.

Local charities and projects are supported if they are in or very close to the City of London, or in an area where the Company has strong connections, such as near its schools or Church patronages.  Apart from these, only national charities are normally supported.

Focus Areas:

A consolidation of many historic trusts in June 2002 resulted in three main grant-making Foundations. The full objects of these Foundations have not been shown, but rather the areas on which the Company is concentrating its help. The Company can only consider applications from charities whose remit or projects fit with one or more of the current focus areas:

  • Charities helping unemployed and homeless people and offenders/ex-offenders and those at risk of offending, to find jobs or improve their education or skills and to find more stable accommodation.
  • Charities helping excluded youth and young people who are disadvantaged or “at risk” of becoming offenders to address their problems and become integrated with society as useful citizens.
  • Charities supporting the elderly, disabled or chronically sick and their carers, particularly in combating loneliness and social isolation.
  • Charities providing employment training and placement for disabled people.
  • Charities helping young people start their own businesses.
  • Charities aiming at the personal development of young people and encouraging the principles of good citizenship amongst them.
  • Charities that help the Company maintain a link with its original roots.
  • Charities with which the Company has a long standing and historical relationship.
  • Support for educational work in arts charities.
  • Support for charities working with offenders/ex-offenders in promoting education and training.

Unfortunately we do not fund the following:

  • Charities working overseas.
  • Animal welfare charities.
  • Medical charities.
  • Campaigning.
  • Charities which make grants to other organisations or individuals.
  • Environmental Charities.
  • Building restoration or other conservation work.
  • Emergency appeals.
  • Armed Forces Charities: With the exception of our Company affiliations and a number of organisations that the Haberdashers' Company already has existing relationships with, we do not fund Armed Forces Charities.

Application process:

Applications may be submitted at any time and applicants will be notified of the outcome of the funding decision within six weeks of the application being received.  

To apply please provide:  

1) An up-to-date summary of the charity’s aims and activities and details of the project for which funding is being sought. Budget/income and expenditure information for the project should also be included. The application should be no longer than three pages.

2) A copy of the charity’s latest annual report and audited accounts. 

Please be aware that as with any grant application process, even if your application falls within both the Focus Areas of our support and meets the eligibility criteria, the Haberdashers’ Company charitable funding is further restricted by annual budgets and consideration of funding already pledged for certain sectors. Due to the volume of applications received we are unable to offer feedback on declined applications.

Applications and enquiries should be addressed to:

The Grants Administrator
The Haberdashers’ Company
Haberdashers’ Hall
18 West Smithfield
London, EC1A 9HQ